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Sculplla + H2 Stem Cell Mist w/ BONUS

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Sculplla Mist 5 oz. +* refillable Roll On Applicator (for convenient targeted applications) + FREE U.S. Shipping

If you haven't heard the buzz about Sculplla, it is a new Facial Filler Mask. It’s been used in Korea for nearly a decade but has only recently made it’s way to the US.

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One of the key ingredients of the Scupllla products is Poly-L-Lactic Acid which is the same ingredient used in the injectable filler Sculptra. Since not everyone is on board with injections the Sculplla products have fast earned rave reviews as yet another impressive alternative option when it comes to aging skin.

For those without access the Sculplla Facial Filler Mask, the Sculplla Stem Cell Mist is the next best thing. 

This mist was also designed to make the Sculplla Facial Filler Mask last longer. It contains the collagen stimulating Poly L Lactic Acid, which is the special active ingredient found in the injectable filler Sculptra as well as the Sculplla Filler Mask.

Poly L Lactic Acid, also known as liquid bandage or dissolving sutures, is a safe ingredient that’s been used in surgery for decades.This  Stem Cell Mist contains these same ingredients. It can be used alone to achieve a plumper more glowing complexion or as a conductive gel with the MINI or other Microcurrent devices for even more effective results. This item is a hot seller!
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