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Caviplla + O2 Multi- Serum

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Caviar + Poly L Lactic Acid  (PLLA) + O2 = CaviPLLA = WOW! An equation for Awesome Skin.  Now available in 2 sizes- 30 ml. and 120 ml.

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Another ingenious Product direct from Korea!

As we age, skin begins to lose vital ingredients such as collagen and elastin and becomes dull and blotchy. This loss will cause skin to thin, sag and lose texture.
NOW you can take action to restore your skin's health!

Caviplla is multi-serum designed to reduce visible signs of aging while increasing firmness and elasticity. Caviplla contains an intensive concentration of pure caviar extract, PLLA, and botanical peptides which targets wrinkles while increasing hydration levels in the skin for improved function. This formulation is also referred to as an Oxygen Carrier: The oxygen component (O2) promotes intracellular metabolism of skin. It creates environment for the active ingredients to absorb deeper into the skin.

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