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Eye Rejuvenator

Awaken tired eyes, reduce puffiness, and eliminate dark under eye circles with safe, relaxing, quick & easy micro-current treatments. The Eye Rejuvenator uses scientifically proven microcurrent technology to increase oxygen and blood circulation to improve crucial fibroblast activity which speeds up natural collagen production to the vulnerable, and delicate eye area. 

Eye rejuvenator also increases product permeability of eye creams and serums to drive them more deeply into the skin, and further enhance their effectiveness. Another plus is that use of the Eye Rejuvenator is as much preventative for anti-aging as it is corrective for age reversal, so an excellent choice for most ages, and the men love it too!  Especially when you begin to see the first telltale signs of aging eye area coming on.
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DO NOT USE THIS device if you have any of the following Contraindications:
  • You have recently tanned or sun-bathed
  • You have any type of skin irritation, rash, infection, burn, inflammation, active acne breakouts, rosacea, eczema, etc.
  • You are recovering from a cosmetic procedure.
  • You are using skin-thinning medications and/or topicals such as, but not limited to: Accutane, Tretinoine, and/or steroids. 
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