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Lipo Wrap - Slimming/ Fat-Loss

Lipo Wrap for Slimming & Fat Loss is  a non-invasive, and EMF free alternative.

Lipo-Wrap is the first LED-lipo / liposuction alternative device of it's kind for quick fat burning and slimming. In just minutes per week.

Red light LED wavelengths in the 630-635nm range have been FDA-approved for circumferential inch loss, FDA-cleared 850nm infrared waves increase circulation, improve metabolic action and support the lymphatic system. Based on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for medical devices, NUSHAPE devices are categorized as a "non-significant risk" product under low level light therapy. The Lipo Wrap is designed for weight management and assists to improve physical fitness and weight loss goals.

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Use every few days for:

  • circumferential inch loss
  • toned skin
  • visible reduction in cellulite 
  • detoxification

In the spectrum for slimming and body contouring, red light LED therapy contours the body by draining fat cells of toxins and waste, resulting in lost inches, spot reduction to areas with stubborn fat, a decrease in the appearance of cellulite, and toned skin.

* Individual results vary. Please follow recommended treatment protocol for best results. Not following protocols can result in re-absorption of the released fat back into the cell. So get ready to drink that water and get moving for twenty minutes. To make the most of your treatment: Please note it is important to double your recommended daily water intake and abstain from alcohol the day of treatment. Your liver will prioritize processing the alcohol, instead of the released fat from your treatment- which can result in re-absorption of the released waste back into the fat cell.

NUSHAPE's Lipo Wrap is for all sizes, ages, genders and is an incredibly safe and non-invasive technology. Clients with a higher metabolic rate are better able to excrete the fat cell contents, with results seen within the first 24 hours, but please allow up to 3 days for the full effect of each session to be achieved, depending on your body, age, and particular habits.

DISCLAIMER: is not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease or any other condition, and is not intended to affect the structure or function of the body. The product is cosmetic in nature and does not claim to impart any health benefits. The statements made in regards to NUSHAPE systems have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Lipo-alternatives should not be used by pregnant women or individuals with active cancer. When the light empties the cell, the liver causes fatty acids and triglycerides to be voided from the body, a process in which the liver plays a critical role. For this reason any individuals with compromised liver or kidney function should not undergo red light therapy for slimming purposes.

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