Maia's Minerals

Maia's Mineral Galaxy
Natural Mineral Makeup, Haircare, Bodycare+ - Never tested on animals - nano-free pure minerals Clean makeup for Face, Eyes, Lips.  All products naturally sourced. Many of the Maia's Minerals products have earned the EWG (Environmental Working Group) Verified seal. 

Maia’s Minerals (Maia’s Mineral Galaxy) offers a full line of natural cosmetics, and beauty care products comprised of natural minerals, and pure botanicals. Never any synthetics, fragrances, chemicals, or artificial colors/ dyes. It's quality Mineral makeup, and products geared toward improving skin health while keeping you beautiful!
Maia’s Minerals is proud to be a part of the EWG VERIFIED TM program. With a focus on all natural, chemical free beauty products and transparency of ingredients, striving to provide the purest, reliably sourced products. While following EWG’s rigorous standards, we hope to spread the word about the importance of taking a step towards a healthier lifestyle.
All mineral cosmetics are produced from loose powders without fillers. These powders are crushed minerals that have been extracted from the Earth’s surface. Products that will never leave your skin feeling heavy, oily or cakey. Instead, your skin will be left feeling light and healthier with continued use. All Maia's Minerals products are versatile and hypo-allergenic.
Maia's Minerals is run by a team that works passionately to ensure these products help customers transition to a healthier lifestyle. Focused entirely with providing products that have the highest quality and the lowest risk to users health, and wellbeing. Products are handcrafted, and always fresh. made on a per order basis and delivered as swiftly as possible. 

Show your skin some well deserved love with these clean, and green cosmetics and beautycare products.

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