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L.Y.S. pure mineral Foundations

10 gram jar
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Select a shade - choose from 14 pure mineral addative free shades
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Choose from 15 amazing shades (see testers for photos of shade choices) of Love Your Skin pure mineral Foundations.  All additive free alternatives to the popular brands.  Bring on the gorgeous with no regrets.  Say goodbye to breakouts, and redness caused by longterm use of popular mineral makeup additives such as bismuth and dimethicone. The entire Love Your Skin line is nothing but pure with healing minerals; in fact, pure enough to sleep with it on.

A variety of shades, ensuring a match for virtually any skin tone. Our foundations are semi-matte, though they can be coupled with an all-over-face color or bronzer if more sheen is desired. Foundations provide excellent coverage and are perfect for all skin types, including skin effected by acne or rosacea. To obtain the desired result, apply little and in layers following the twirl, tap, brush technique. Apply a little at first, adding layers for increased coverage. These great matte mineral foundations also double as a concealer. A great value. SPF 15 provided by titanium dioxide.

A number of our shades are similar to Bare Minerals® for your comparison where indicated.
1C - For cool undertones (shade reference - Fair)
1G - Fair to golden undertones (shade reference -Fairly Light)
2C - Light to medium cool undertones
2G - Light golden undertones 
2N - Light to medium neutral undertones
2NB - Light to medium neutral undertones (shade reference - Fairly Light ).
2NC Ideal for those with light to medium skin & cool (pink) undertones. This foundation is matte & helps absorb excess oils (shade reference - Medium Beige).
3N - Medium to neutral undertones (shade reference - Medium)
4G - Medium to tan golden undertones (shade reference - Medium Tan)
5G - Dark with warm undertones (shade reference - Dark)
5N - Deep tan with neutral undertones
6G - Medium to dark with yellow undertones (shade reference - Golden Dark)
7G - Perfect dark skin with golden or yellow undertones.

An amazing collection of pure chemical, and additive free minerals. No fillers Many shades with only four ingredients. Would you believe the healing elements of the zinc can actually make skin better. Even better yet, alll 100% Vegan, and free of additives, chemicals, nano particles, and fillers that most popular brands on the market today commonly use. The perfect pairing with 302 products to look great as you skin improves. An excellent soultion for reluctant parents that have teens who want to wear makeup like their friends, or want to cover up emabarrasing adolescent breakouts without creating more problems.Who says you can't wear makeup, and have nice skin.These Bismuth free formulas are perfect for users with even the most sensitive conditions such as acne, and;rosacea. Great for all fussy skin; even dermatitis, and eczema. Finally makeup you can trust with confidence. Proof positive you'll Love Your Skin!
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