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Handheld Dry Brush

Everyone can benefit from owning a Dry Brush to reveal brighter, fresher, healthier skin.  This convenient and affordable natural boar brush version with handy handstrap is all you need to naturlly, and effectively exfoliate away dry and dead skin cells for smoother skin that is easier to keep moisturied, and hydrated. 
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Dry Brushing is naturally stimulating to all your cells, which increases lymphatic drainage and helps move toxins out of the body.  In just minutes per day you can really notice a difference in how your skin looks, and feels. Plus the benefits of the centuries old practice is well documented for the sake of your health. There is plenty of information available online to provide further details regarding Dry Brushing methods, and practices.

This Handheld Dry Brush is soildly constructed from bamboo with 100% natural boar bristles, plastic bristle base, and cotton canvas cloth strap.  As much as we would like to provide a synthetic version from nylon, etc. these materials are NOT effective in removing dead skin and stimulating the skin without risk of skin damage, and irritation as you would need to brush far more aggresively with a synthetic version to accomplish the same gain of natural bristles.

Regarding this Dry Brush versus Dry Brushes with a handle; we find that the palm/ handheld style is superior for both pressure, and fluidity of strokes for ease of use, and lymphatic stimulation.  The handle style is however the better choice for users with limited mobility, or when reaching specific areas is in question.
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