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Remedy Rx - 1 oz.

Remedy Rx is a zinc based skin cream for soothing, healing all skin irritations (including sunburn) naturally along with creating a protective barrier to allow skin to recover without interference from environmental factors.

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Next time you get a cut, abrasion, rash, sunburn, or skin reaction try Remedy Rx to help your skin with its natural healing process.  A must have for First Aid Kits (kitchen drawers), on the go, when travelling, camping, outdoor activities, and more.

Remedy Rx is formulated to effectively aid in the soothing, healing of skin inflammations, irritations, rashes, insect bites/ stings, burns, wounds- any damaged skin surface, and is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES.

Originally introduced under the name "Ointment Rx", 302's wonder product aptly re-named Remedy Rx is just that- a remedy for nearly all irritated, and damaged skin.

Remedy Rx soothes skin and improves its condition on contact.  Remedy Rx uses all-natural, and organic ingredients that rapidly, and effectively reduce inflammation and calm irritation quickly, and effectively.  

By far the most versatile product in the 302 Professional Skincare line, Remedy Rx works for raw, wounded,  irritated skin, all breakouts, as well as chronically sensitive skin to provide moisture and protection. 

Use it paired with Revive Rx, after waxing for immediate relief with less irritation, and or bumps.  Add it to rashy skin to soothe and reduce itching.  It’s even gentle enough for the sensitive skin around the eyes.  A pure healing/ protective cream that is also gently, and naturally effective for diaper rash.

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