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Lightening Drops - 1 oz.

Lightening Drops fades spots, removes red blotchy look.,Restores sun damaged areas with natural and organic ingredients for acid-free (non-irritating) active pigment control. A concentrated lipid formula.
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$85.95 / Each
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Lightening Drops is a higher potency Active that should be introduced after you have had experience with C-Boost. Begin not earlier than 30 days after introducing C Boost and preferably use C Boost for 60-90 days in order to condition the skin properly and avoid rapid cellular fatigue.

Very high potency products like Lightening Drops can easily push the skin into weakness. You must guide the skin to greater strength a step at a time. You would not go into the gym and expect to do 100 push-ups on the first day and if you tried your muscles would be inflamed for days afterward and that is not healthy. Much is true with the skin therefore if we want excellent, and sustained results we must respect this fact with this, and other potent 302 Actives.

This product is indicated for difficult pigmentation problems and should be combined with studio care procedures that provide ultrasound therapy. If such studio care is not within access to you we offer 2mghz Ultrasound devices which are of high quality, and F.D.A cleared for home care use.  
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