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Calming Mist /Calming Mist Rx - 4 oz.

4 oz. retail size
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Calming Mist 4 oz.
Calming Mist Rx 4oz.
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Calming Mist/ Calming Mist Rx formulas soothe, and improve the overall quality of skin, providing a refreshed look, and hydrated feel immediately with use, and further soothing effects continue to build, becoming skins "new normal" with continued use.upon application, your skin will  feel healthy/ look gorgeous.  The Calming Mist formulas (regular, and Rx) contain soothing botanicals that reduce inflammation and calm symptoms of irritation.  Natural, and Organic for anytime, anywhere use to impart an immediate cool skin quenching sensation and instant hydration.  Did we mention that the natural plant derived scent of Calming Mist is nothing short of "Ahhh-mazing"! Extracts of lavender, and citrus, so subtle, yet incredibly pleasant/ notable.   Many users report a feeling of calm, and sense of well being with each use. For those that prefer for those that prefer an unscented formula choose the Calming Mist Rx version that performs identically to regular Calming Mist.

Calming Mist formulas pair perfectly with 302 concentrated Active repair products (302 Drops, C Drops, A Drops, Lightening Drops, 302 Plus Drops), along with the non-active, (anytime use), Moisturizing Drops product.

Calming Mist Rx is outstanding for sensitive skin with inflammatory tendencies that needs soothing, hydration, and light moisturizing on an as needed basis.  

Both Calming Mist formulas are also available in a mini 2 oz. travel size for on the go fresh hydrated skin.  Perfect for thirsty skin, airtravel, outdoor activities, to set your makeup, and more.  Your skin will thank you!

Recommended Skin Types
Calming Mist is recommended for all skin types and conditions. Choose Calming Mist Rx for extreme sensitization issues, or chronic conditions such as inflammatory acne, rosacea, and or dermatitis.  Particularly useful for dry, dehydrated skin.  When skin is excessively parched, or in transition away from harsh products begin with Calming Mist, and a 302 Moisturizer formula such as Clinical Formula for Inflammation/ Acne, or 302's bestselling Recovery Plus Intensive product.  Super sensitized skin can also benefit from the minimalist formula of Moisturizing Drops Rx

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