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C Drops - 1 oz.

A concentrated, all natural, stable, and non-irritating Vitamin C formula that optimizes skin function, roots out uneven pigmentation, and corrects poor skin tone.  

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C Drops penetrates skin without botersome irritation as often occurs with forms of pure ascorbic acid.  This balanced vitamin C product uses esters, versus acids which work to improve the resilience of the deeper dermal layers with low molecular weight molecules (rapidy absorbed/ penetrated). Most will find they get outstanding results when applying this product 3x per week on alternating days, or nights.

C-Drops is clear lipid, topical formula structured to deliver concentrated Vitamin C. The scientific literature attests to the efficacy of 302 C Drops (Vitamin C metabolites) in promoting a healthy skin metabolism. Stimulating optimum skin functions helps to reduce formation of lipofuscin, (a waste product) that progressively accumulates in skin cells as we age. Vitamin C also reduces the tendency to uneven pigmentation. These visible changes induced by Vitamin C are accompanied by deep dermal recovery, especially of poorly formed collagen that occurs during normal chronologic aging.

Mechanisms: Improved dermal metabolism, reduction of melanocyte formation, co-factor in protein synthesis. Improves and builds skin resistance to sun damage. Helps to calm irritated skin, and reduce inflammation.

Esthetic Results: Evens out tone, skin smoothing, wrinkle reduction, pigmentation reduction.

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