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Avocado Mask - 3.4 oz.

Avocado Mask is a rich, creamy, occlusive mask that uses a high proportion of avocado extracts to address aged skin.
Emollients and hydrators leave a very moist residual without greasy or sticky feel.  

This is the product of choice where skin is poorly toned, weak, rough or thin. It may be combined with Hydrating Mask and Treatment Mask for unique effects.

Just what your skin needs, especially when it comes to skin that is either too thin from aging (and unfortunate genes) or, too coarse in texture, and appearance of pores (from sun damage).
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$39.95 / Each
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The various avocado extracts in Avocado Mask provide the mechanisms to soften the extracellular matrix with one application. Lavender provides soothing recovery. NOT a rosacea treatment but excellent for dry, debilitated skin, prone to redness.  Limit usage in these cases to 2x per week. Immediate moisturizing with 95% improvement (reduction) in TEWL (trans-epidermal-water-loss).
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