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302 Plus Drops - 1 oz.

1 oz. retail size concentrated product

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Great Idea
302 Plus Drops is the perfect visible aging solution that combines the 302/Avogen™ molecules with lipidic vitamin C and naturally derived ceramide 2 with oligiopeptides for a rich, instant skin firming and filling, line reducing solution. An elegant product for visibly aging skin - immediate line reduction and overall skin plumping from peptides while increasing moisture retention with ceramides; skin softening and increased epidermal cell synthesis from 302/Avogen™ molecules and dermal build-out with lipidic vitamin C.

302 Plus Drops takes the original 302 Drops product up a notch for a great change of pace, to rotate over time, and or to take your skincare to the next level for firming, smoothing, and skin softening. Anyone who likes 302 Drops will love this product, and the results will speak for themselves!

The 302 compound (Avogen) contained in this product provides a significant increase in metabolic energy to the skin through glucose activation - this provides the energy for new protein synthesis. 302 also softens the skin. This is very important in reversing visible aging, smoothing wrinkles, and improving tone and texture.

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