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302 Drops - 1 oz.

1 oz. retail size concentrated product 
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302 Drops is a multifunctional treatment serum that rejuvenates all skin types and conditions for a silky-smooth texture and a vibrant look. 302 Drops is a 100% Naturally derived, chemical free, self-preserved, oil-free active repair  topical formulated around the rainforest discovery ingredient Avogen™

302 Drops is the product to choose for improved texture, smoothness, and tone. Perfect for clearing bad patterns of behavoir associated with troubled skin.  Excellent for smoothing and filling weak aged skin and scars, stabilizing sebaceous glands in acne prone skin damaged by acid exfoliation, benzoyl peroxide and over application of vitamin A analogs such as Retin-A™.

What's also unique; the "302" in the name 302 Drops is reflective of the low molecular weight of precisely three hundred, and two daltons (the scientific unit of measure for molecules) This molecular weight of 302 when naturally occuring is incredible for optimized penetration/ utilization.  302 Drops is also water, oil, and acid-free; easily spread, rapidly penetrating, hydrating, and a self-preserved clear lipid.

Mechanisms: Optimizes cell metabolism by increased energy formation through glucose activation. Powerful engine for skin protein generation. 302 Drops normalizes and enhances many skin functions depleted by chronologic and actinic aging.

302 Drops Rx is recommended for all skin types and conditions.

  • Aging skin
  • Oily, acne-prone skin
  • Tired, devitalized skin
  • Damaged skin
  • Rough, leathery skin


  • Smoothes the surface of the skin for a soft, silky texture
  • Increases the skin’s natural immunity and resilience
  • Gives the skin a full, plump appearance
  • Helps remodel epidermal tissue to minimize the size and appearance of scars
  • Balances all types of skin for enhanced clarity and a radiant look
  • Reduces excess oil and prevents future breakouts
  • Diminishes the size and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Works synergistically with vitamin A and C treatments for enhanced benefits
  • Fortifies the skin’s natural lipid barriers for enhanced moisture retention and resilience

302 Drops is the most potent/ concentrated form of 302/Avogen™ in a product. Best results after introductory use of Avogen™ Avocado Topical Mist or 302 Sensitive Drops Rx, and or 302 Active Mist.

  • Softens, plumps, builds, strengthens and firms thin, coarse, weak, aged skin.
  • Rapidly rebuilds weak epidermis depleted by inflammation.
  • Stabilizes sebaceous cells.
  • Helps to normalize and calm the appearance of inflamed, and bacteria susceptible skin.
  • Outstanding for smoothing and preventing acne scars.
  • Naturally small molecular compostion easily penetrates into skin to work quickly
302 Drops: Organic jojoba oil, caprylic/capric triglycerides, avocado extract, avocatin 302 (Avogen™) lavender, camphor,
and mint extracts.

302 Drops Rx: Organic jojoba oil, caprylic/capric triglycerides, avocado extract, avocatin 302(Avogen™)

• Light non-occlusive after-feel rapidly absorbs into skin
• Preservative-free formula
• Pleasant natural scent
• Builds exceptional epidermal growth
• Renormalizes crosslinking excesses
• Outstanding when combined with ultrasound procedures (see 2 mghz ultrasound device for home care application)..

302 Drops may be applied to skin that has been burned or irritated, abraded or scraped however, this product should not be applied to skin that has been recently exfoliated using acids or other chemicals. While using 302 Drops, it is highly recommended to avoid scrubs; skin is often damaged by scrubs and inflamed by the ingredients in them.  This may set the stage to create a reaction with this product to produce more irritation that would not otherwise occur. For safer exfoliation options we recommend using the UltraWave Skin Scrubber, and or judicious use of 302 Enzyme Gel, and 302 Mineral Cleansing Aid products. 

After cleansing the skin, wet the area with 302 Calming Mist, Calming Mist RX, or water.  Apply a small amount of 302 Drops Rx to the face and neck using your fingertips in a gentle, circular massaging motion.  Allow to completely absorb into the skin for maximum benefits.  

  • Start by applying every other day/ morning or evening, NOT BOTH.  Increase to daily use after one week if desired, or rotate with other 302 active formulas.
  • Add Calming Mist, or water as need to spread
  • May be used on the décolleté/ body as desired.
  • May cause temporary slight pinking of skin (typically upon first few applications).
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