Bring out your natural beauty with patenented  S2RM® stem cell therapy from the industry experts at NeoGenesis. Harness your body’s own natural regenerative mechanisms to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for vibrant and healthy skin, and hair. NeoGenesis offers fantastic anti-aging serums, moisturizers, eyelash, eyebrow and scalp hair growth serums. 

About the NeoGenesis products, and S²RM® Technology

S²RM® Technology is the most advanced technology to stimulate the natural healing power of our bodies.

When a person’s tissue is damaged from disease or trauma, stem cells that reside in areas surrounding the damaged tissue are activated. These activated stem cells hone into the site of the injury and begin to release a multitude of molecules that act as messengers communicating with the surrounding cells and tissues, instructing the tissue to begin the repair and regeneration process. Multiple stem cell types (not just one type) are recruited to the area of damage. 

NeoGenesis products utilize this advanced technology in their exceptional collection of anti-aging cosmeceuticals that are more advanced than anything else on the market today.

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