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Ultra Ion Gel

Ultra Ion Gel is a high performance pure conductive gel minimalist formulation with nine all natural, and organic ingredients.  Exceptional for use with Clareblend MINI, Myolift Mini or other microcurrent.  Also excellent for use with TimeMaster Pro, 2 mghz Ultrasound / other ultrasound devices including 3 mghz for metabolic enhancement/ pigmentation, and 1 mghz versions for body applications.
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This unique gel formulation provides a high conductivity, and mineral rich ionic medium (with zinc, and chlorophyll) essential for optimal benefit when used with microcurrent, and sonication microcurrent (ultrasound) devices. A versatile formulation that is also effective for acne home care regimens, and for extraction of blackheads/ sebum plugs.  

302 Professional Skincare's Ultra Ion Gel is a high performance Professional Formula that provides a more uniform,and precise transfer of surface energy to reduce spikes in output caused by fluctuations in the electrical field.  Reducing/ diminishing such energy fluctuations ensures a more consistent, and reliable treatment result without the need for thick heavy gel coating, and frequent product re-application. Ultra Ion Gel can be easily reactivated during treatment by simply misting skin with 302 Pofessional Skincare's deep hydrating Calming Mist product, or with filtered water (free of chlorine/ contaminants). Quite simply you'll require less product per treatment which is both cost effective, and cuts waste.

Ultra Ion Gel can be used as a stand alone conductive medium, or for application over targeted active serums when desired. This is an ultra gentle formula with organic green tea for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Natural, and free of synthetic ingredients, and preservatives.  This formulation is ideal for the simple fact that when it comes to microcurrent, ultrasound, and enhanced energy treatments; that which is applied to the skin is thus delivered deeply into the skin.  Ultra Ion Gel delivers a superior level of positive high ionic energy to the surface of skin where applied which then allows for a seamless transfer of all forms of current for optimal beenefit naturally without undesirable extras.  In fact, we have not found a shorter, simpler, and more natural ingredients list for any high Ionic professional conductive gel on the market to date.


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