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Ultra Ion Gel

Ultra Ion Gel is a high performance pure conductive gel formulation with all natural, and organic ingredients.  Exceptional for use with Clareblend MINI, Myolift or any brand of microcurrent device.  Also excellent for 1, 3, and 2 mghz Ultrasound devices.
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This unique gel formulation provides a high conductivity ionic medium (zinc, and chlorophyll) essential for optimal benefit when used with microcurrent, and sonication microcurrent (ultrasound) devices. 

A versatile formula; also effective for acne home care regimens, and for extraction of blackheads/ sebum plugs  

Ultra Ion Gel can be used as a stand alone conductive medium, or for application over targeted active serums when desired. This is an ultra gentle formula with organic green tea for even the most sensitive of skin types.

Ultra Ion Gel is natural- no synthetic ingredients, and zero preservatives.  This is optimal due to the simple fact that when it comes to microcurrent, ultrasound treatments, and enhanced energy treatments; what is on the skin is then delivered into the skin.  Ultra Ion Gel delivers a superior level of positive high ionic energy to the surface of skin where applied which then allows for a seamless transfer of all forms of current for optimal beenefit naturally without undesirable extras.In fact, we bet you won't find a shorter simpler, and more natural ingredients list of any high Ionic formula on the market.

Pure, and simple plant derived INGREDIENTS:Organic green tea, kosher glycerine, chlorophyl, zinc oxide, cellulose polymer, guar, *polyquat 81

*Ingredients note; POLYQUAT 81 (CAS # 742087-49-6) is the registered name for: A creamy surfactant originally derived from fermented sugar cane/beets and then reacted to produce an environmentally green cleanser of exceptional mildness. 

302 Skincare's Ultra Ion Gel professional formula provides for a more uniform, precise transfer of surface energy reduces spikes in output caused by fluctuations in the electrical field.  Reducing/ diminishing such energy fluctuations ensures a more consitent, and reliable treatment result without the need for thick heavy gel coating, and frequent product re-application.  Even better, Ultra Ion Gel can be reactivated during treatment by simply misting skin with water, or 302's Calming Mist product, or even filtered chlorine/ contaminant feww water. This simply means you will use far less gel per treatment which saves money, and waste.

 Summary of Ultra Ion Gel Features:

  • All natural, preservative free formula
  • Green tea extract provides a non-drying form of free radical, and  bacterial protection
  • Ultra Ion Gel can be re-activated as needed with a spritz of 302's Calming Mist, or purified water
  • Designed to stay on the surface- easy wash off
  • High Ion content from natural, mineral rich zinc, and chloryophyll optimizes conduction
  • Versatile formula; also effective for acne home care regimens, and for extraction of blackheads/ sebum plugs  

    1. Cleanse skin prior to any device use, and pat dry.
    2. Apply a light coating of Ultra Ion Gel evenly to skin.  This works well using a fan style of brush.  No need to massage this gel in, as we are simply aiming for surface contact.
       If using Ultra Ion Gel in conjunction with an active serum type product, apply the active first, massage that product into skin, and then apply Ultra Ion Gel as instructed.
    3. During session, as needed apply Calming Mist, or mist skin with water to keep area of treatment activated as you move about the various areas during your session.

    Professional TIP: when using active products in conjunction with current generating devices; refrain from use of products containing retinols as these are not in our (professional opinion) safe to be further penetrated into skin by such deep/ enhance  delivery method.  It is also very helpful to refrain from penetrating a new product that your skin has not had prior exposure to by way of traditional topical application, as this can result in potential for reaction that is exacerbated due to enhanced delivery/ deeper penetration that microcurrent, and ultrasound treatments provide.
    Review/ Summary:
    Do not use topical retinols in conjuction with energy treatments.
    Test serums/ active products for initial skin compatibility prior to applications with microcurrent/ ultrasound.

    Versatile Ultra Ion Gel also works in home care applications, doubling as an acne pre-cleanse product to stabilize sebaceous glands when allowed to penetrate for one minute prior to adding cleanser.  Also excellent for use as an extraction medium for those utilizing black head removal type extraction tools at home.  Simply steam, or appropriately warm skin,  apply a thin layer of Ultra Ion Gel to desired area.  Wait one minute, and you are ready to aid the extraction process while taking care to follow applicable guidance for safe use of such extraction tools.
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